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The Word of the Year 2013 winners are...

The Committee's Choice goes to infovore, with honourable mentions to firescape and cli-fi.

The People's Choice goes to onesie, with runners-up to marriage equality and showrooming.

The Committee thought that the coinage 'infovore' was a response to the perception that we now had access to information all the time. The smart phone made it possible to find out immediately what we wanted to know. For some people knowing that whatever questions life threw at us the answer was a click or two away was a liberating experience.  Indeed they were in danger of becoming addicted to this rush of instant information. This was a word that reflected a significant change in how we conducted our lives...Read more

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The Sixth Edition

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The cultural items present on every page of the big green book are not merely facts occupying their proper spaces in the text, but supporters of each other, fine-tuning a picture of the nation as a mental habitat consistent with itself and with Australian experience over the two centuries since European settlement.
– Les Murray

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Not definite; without fixed or specified limit; unlimited.


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